Due to feedback and suggestions we have received, and, in an effort to provide better service to our guests, we have decided to revise our policy on dogs. We will allow dogs only if they are 15 pounds or less in weight. Please consider the general temperament and nature of your dog before deciding to bring it to New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking. If you decide to bring your dog to stay with us too, please inform us when you make your reservations that a pet will be accompaning you.  No dogs are allowed over 15 pounds in weight. Dogs over 15 pounds must be kept off premises. 


If you have a reservation for a river trip this kennel will make arrangements with you to have some one available so that you can pick up your dog for the trip and return your dog afterwards. 

Dogs are ONLY allowed in the CAMPGROUND AREA. They are not allowed in other areas outside the campground such as the playground, picnicing areas, campstore, parking lot, etc. 


Due to safety concerns our insurance company requires us to ban these specific breeds at all times: Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, and German Shepherds.

Aggressive Behavior
Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome at New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking. If your dog exhibits behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers please do not bring it with you. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this kind of behavior you will be asked to please find other accommodations. 

Nuisance Behavior
Dogs should be well behaved. If your dog should create a nuisance to the rest of our guests, you may be required to leave New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking. An example of nuisance behavior would be your dog barking incessantly, disturbing other guests, though New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking reserves the right to determine when a dog is being a nuisance. 

Leash Rules
All dogs are required to be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times. All dogs are required to be on a leash whenever they are outside at all times.  No dog should be left tied up and unattended outside the owner's camping equipment. 

Clean up
It is the dog owners responsibility to clean up after their pets and to properly dispose of the waste. 

You, as the owner of the dog, are responsible for any damages caused by your dog to our other guests or their property, and to the employees and property of New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking. 

Service Dogs
Service dogs of all breeds are welcome at New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking. However, these dogs must follow leash restraint policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior.


There are two kennels in the area were you can make arrangements to house your dog:

Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital and Kennels
2970 US Highway 21 N, Sparta, NC 28675(336) 372-8744


Hunter's Ridge Farm and Kennels
125 Hunters Ridge, Sparta, NC 28675 
(336) 372-2700 

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