• Rhonda Blevins

Camping Cancelled this Weekend, but River Trips are Running!

Hi Friends,

We would rather take a WHOOPING than have to advise you that due to over 14" of rain in the last week and a half, our grounds are not drying up as much as we had planned, prayed, and hoped!

We are having to CANCEL all camping for this weekend. Just not enough sun to do the trick! We are so so sorry and hopefully, by next weekend, we will be back on track!

However, we will be operating our river trips and shuttles starting tomorrow. Please give us a call at 336-372-8793 to reserve your canoeing, kayaking, and tubing trips! Please bare with us, it's been a very frustrating beginning for our 2020 season. We just can't control Mother Nature! We truly miss each and everyone and can't wait to see you here on our New, soon!

Thanks for your understanding during this trying times,

Rhonda and Aaron

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