• Rhonda Blevins

When It Rains It Pours!

Good morning Friends!

Well, you know how they say, "one day you will look back and laugh?" Well, we are waiting on that day and hopefully, that day of laughter will be here soon!

Here is the story: last week, a day after the flood saturated the Campground, we had a visitor stop at the top of the driveway to look at and take pictures of the flood. The next thing her car starts driving itself down the driveway, jump the bank, and land into the porch of the store! Luckily, no one was hurt, not even the dog that was in the car! The porch was pushed off of its foundation and other structural issues! The inspection was completed yesterday. Now, the engineer and construction companies will be called for bids!

What an exciting life we lead! Also, the New is rising again! Thank God for insurance! Prayers and thoughts would be appreciated! So needless to say, we will be closed this weekend.

Stay tuned, Friends 🤣

Rhonda & Aaron

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