• Rhonda Blevins

Update On Our Camping Facilities

photo:  @fitRVlife

photo: @fitRVlife

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Finally, we have your update! What we now know is we have a fresh water spring that has been flooding our Campground! Our sewer system is fine, so no work required there! We are hoping to be finished with rerouting the spring water by tomorrow. Then, we will have to give the grounds 2 -3 weeks to dry up and THEN, our Tent Sites, RV Sites and Camping Cabins will be ready to go! We are looking so forward to having our customers back playing under the Sun and sleeping under the Moon!

If you have reservations or would like to make reservations for our Efficiency Apartments, they are still open for business! Also, we are operating on our regular schedule with our canoes, kayaks and tubing trips. So give us a call at 336-372-8793 for your reservations and we will help you beat this heat!

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding during this time!

Aaron and Rhonda

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