• Rhonda Blevins


In regards to our unexpected Camping Facilities closure:

Today was the first day we have been faced with this sort of situation. We hope to learn more tomorrow and we will contact you if we feel like we can't get this resolved soon. Not totally understanding what the problem is or how long it will take to get it fixed, we just don't have the answers at this time. We are so very sorry for any worries that are being caused by this! We will personally call each customer with confirmed reservations to let you know what is going on as soon as we have answers. We have the contact number listed on your reservations, but if there is another number that would be better, let us know.

Also, we will be posting updates as soon as we have them. Again, we are just devastated and will appreciate any understanding and patience that you could afford us at this time!

We will be operating our River Trips and Shuttle Service as usual and at our regular scheduled times.


Aaron and Rhonda

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