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Your Stay With Us

If you want to stay with us on holidays you need to get your reservations in as soon as possible whatever the accommodations you want.

Always be sure that your vehicle and the vehicles of any guests are registered with us at the campstore so that Your Stay
                  With Usthey can be issued a campground pass. Only vehicles with a properly issued campground pass will be allowed into the campground area so you must have a pass, and if you want your guests to be able to get in to see you they must register at the campstore and get their pass!

Please always follow the 10 mile per hour speed limit at New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking for the safety of everyone.

In this technological age we live in with people traveling with their laptops and portable game systems, just to name two things, it is just as important as ever to be sure that you keep your valuable belongings secure while you are away from your campsite or other accommodations.

The weather at New River Campground Canoeing and Kayaking can be quite warm during the day and get much cooler at night so it is a good idea to bring clothing with dressing in layers in mind.

Your River Excursion

You must be prepared to get wet!  When going on a trip down the New River it is best to wear clothing which will dry quickly as you might get wet. You should have dry clothing available. If you take your dry clothing with you on your trip you should protect it in a seal-able plastic bag.

You should wear shoes on your trip that dry quickly and have soft soles which will grip a variety of surfaces.
Your River Excursion
Don't forget that you need to protect yourself from the sun. The best way to do that is to use some sunscreen (reapply regularly) and a hat for protection from the sun, with UV blocking or polarizing sunglasses for your eyes.

Do not wear your expensive sunglasses on your river trip.  If
you have prescription eyeglasses that you must wear we highly recommend that you use a safety strap to secure them to yourself.

Be sure to bring plenty of safe drinking water for the duration of your trip. Make sure to have maps or charts for your route and know the location of boat launches and other access points.

Get proper training before you venture out if you need it, and take all the practice time you want before beginning your trip.

Always wear your personal floatation device (life jacket)!

Do not take your expensive digital or film camera on the river trip. Even if you have a water proof digital or regular camera we strongly recommend that you do not take it on your trip as there is always a possibility that you may accidentally lose the camera. Use a disposable waterproof camera instead, or at the very least do not take a camera with you unless you are okay with losing that camera. If your film should get wet, put it in a container of water, and try to get it to a film processing center as soon as possible.

Experts recommend that people take a basic first aid kit and some basic tools with them on any river excursion.

We have a printable
Checklist you can use to help you prepare for your trip. It contains information from this page, as well as stuff from our Safety Page, which you should review for more suggestions on how to prepare for your river trip. Please note that the Checklist will open in a new window.


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